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Man (47) forced to move out of home in Holyland because of 'constant noise' from student parties

A south Belfast man has told of how he had to move out of his home in the Holyland this week because of the noise from house parties. Picture by Mal McCann
Marie Louise McConville

A HOLYLAND resident has told of how he had to move out of his home because of the "constant noise" from students living in the south Belfast neighbourhood.

Michael Carter said he left his flat in the Fitzroy area on Monday at around 8pm because of the "constant shouting, screaming, bottle smashing".

"It is the constant noise," he said despite the Covid pandemic.

"I moved out about 8pm. I had no other option. I stayed with a friend. I have to get a night's sleep. It has been like this for 12 months. Constant partying.

"It does make me angry because I can't get living in my own flat."

Mr Carter (47), who is a member of a residents group in the area, said there had been "a lot of comings and goings" in recent days.

He said on Monday there was a queue of 12 students outside one house who said they were there to view the property.

"We need to know what is going on," he said.

"They weren't socially distancing. We want to know why they are looking so early and don't know if it's an Airbnb.

"Some of the students were staying in the house that night."

Mr Carter said it has reached the point where he doesn't "even ring the police".

"(It feels like) you are banging your head against the wall," he said.

Police were present on St Patrick's Day, he said "and it all went smoothly."

"However once it's over, you are left to your own devices. They need to stamp out all these house parties."

Brid Ruddy, from the College Park Avenue Residents' Association, had taken to social media on Monday night to highlight noise in the area.

"Sad to say Belfast Holyland is surpassing itself with house parties tonight. Must be the hint of sunshine that brings out madness? So much for the ‘Special Action Area'," she said.

An updated Tweet yesterday read: "Loads of stragglers around this morning walking about with their cans in a non drinking area!

"Presumably the party continues in the Holyland. Several revellers asked residents last night if they could stay over! Clearly lockdown rules don’t apply!"

PSNI Chief Inspector Gavin Kirkpatrick said: "Just after 7.20pm on Monday evening, police received the first of a number of reports about a party ongoing outside a property in Cairo Street in the Holyland area of South Belfast.

Police issued 55 Covid notices in the Holylands area of south Belfast on St Patrick's Day

"Police attended the area at approximately 8.20pm when officers became available to respond," he said.

"On arrival of police, a number of groups of young people were in the process of leaving the area.

“Police would encourage residents to continue to report issues of anti-social behaviour to them. While local officers will be making follow-up enquiries, it is disappointing that we continue to receive reports about noisy parties and anti-social behaviour in this residential area."

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