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PSNI say nothing found after claims of CIRA attack on Enniskillen station

First Minster Arlene Foster
Connla Young

POLICE last night said nothing had been found after claims the Continuity IRA had fired shots at and left a device left close to a station in Co Fermanagh.

A security operation was launched after it was reported that shots were fired at Enniskillen PSNI station yesterday afternoon.

It was also claimed that device had been left in the Shore Path area.

It is understood the call was made to a newspaper and that a recognised codeword was used.

Police said a "public safety operation" was carried out after the reports were received around 2pm.

Chief Inspector Robert McGowan: "A thorough search and proactive policing operation was carried out, with nothing untoward found in the Shore Path area, and no reports of any shots fired at the police station."

Police also said they were continuing to advise people "to be aware of any suspicious objects located in the border area" following a report referencing the Cavan Road and Clones Road areas of Newtownbutler.

"The investigation is ongoing to determine the location of any such device but at this stage, the area has been searched and nothing has been found."

The Continuity IRA claimed to have fired shots at a PSNI helicopter in the nearby Wattlebridge area in January.

Police later said it had no helicopters in the area at the time.

First Minister Arlene Foster voiced concern at the latest security alert.

"Even if this latest claim turns out to be a hoax it raises concern and causes disruption within Enniskillen," she said.

"This serves as a reminder of the bravery of our security forces who place themselves in harm's way to protect us as a community.

"It is clear however that there remains those within our community who offer nothing other than violence and the threat of violence in order to advance their warped agenda."

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