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Bangor toy shop removes swastika sticker from window display

A NAZI swastika sticker has been removed from a toy shop window after complaints from parents and the intervention of an MP.

Crumton's in Bangor, Co Down had put the sticker up as part of a new window display which depicted models of Nazi Germany's Afrika Korps by the brand Cobi.

The black-and-white seal of the German expeditionary force is a swastika in front of a palm tree.

Keiva Troupé, who has a one-year-old, a nine-year-old and two stepchildren, complained to the owner on Monday after seeing the sticker.

He told her if she and her children were offended he was "deeply sorry" but "something will always offend someone sometimes" and said the display "will be changing soon if you care to avoid it until then".

North Down MP Stephen Farry spoke to the owner and "don't believe that he is a racist or is seeking to offend".

"However, this is a symbol of the German Afrika Korps from the Second World War that does incorporate a Nazi swastika. It is therefore offensive."

He said he would refer it to the PSNI and the Equality Commission if it was not removed.

The owner has not replied to Irish News requests for a comment, but in a statement to BBC Radio Ulster's The Nolan Show, said it has now "been removed to prevent further upset".

In that statement he claimed "my words were being twisted by other newspapers" and he has "been building military models since childhood with not thought to purposely offend anyone while creating my art".

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