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Health agency warns against stockpiling alcohol during lockdown

Warnings have been made the impact of alcohol during lockdown

HEALTH chiefs are urging people not to stockpile alcohol at home during lockdown and be mindful of their drinking habits.

The Public Health Agency (PHA) in Northern Ireland said it was also important to keep alcohol "out of reach and sight of children" and set a good example to them.

They also urged people to choose "alcohol free days" and to avail of support services if they need help.

Official guidelines say that for both men and women to keep the risks from alcohol low, it’s safest to drink no more than 14 units a week. A a small glass of wine is just over two units, and a measure of spirits is around one-and-a half units.

Michael Owen of the PHA, said: “At this time, when the health service is under increasing pressures because of of Covid-19, we need to act responsibly and not add to that burden.

"When you do go to buy alcohol please don’t stockpile. Plan your weekly shop and only buy as much as you have decided you want to drink during the week, making sure to keep to the recommended alcohol units.

"When at home, people are likely to 'free pour', not keeping an eye on the measures and fill the glass a little more, so the number of units being drank is greater than we think.

"Importantly during this time, alcohol and drug support services are still operating. Many of them offer over-the-phone help so you can still keep to social distancing guidelines."

You can find a list of support services in your area at

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