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Calls for GAA to take 'decisive action' after controversial footage of Armagh camogie team

The video footage was posted on social media

THERE were calls last night for the GAA to take "decisive action" after footage emerged of the Armagh camogie team chanting support for the IRA following their All-Ireland success.

The footage shows some players shouting "Ooh ah, up the Ra" as they celebrated their win over Cavan in Saturday's Junior All-Ireland Championship final.

The video, which appears to have been captured in a changing room, was posted on social media.

While Armagh Camogie said it has launched an investigation, the video footage has been described as "inexcusable" with calls for action to be taken against the "glorification of terrorism".

It also comes after footage appeared online in September showing GAA fans celebrating Dungannon Clarkes' victory over Trillick in the Tyrone football final and singing a song that mentions the IRA.

Last year, some Tyrone players were captured singing a rebel song as they passed a band parade in the border village of Aughnacloy after a victory over Cavan at Clones.

DUP MLA Jonathan Buckley said he would be writing to the GAA and the Camogie Association in "relation to a litany of blatantly sectarian expressions".

"A victory in such a championship is clearly a huge achievement for any team, but it is deeply disappointing that once again we see another incident relating to Gaelic games and IRA chanting," he said.

"Such scenes are inexcusable but they are also inexplicable as to why a group of young women, none of whom were alive during the worst years of IRA terrorism, would make such chanting part and parcel of their celebrations.

"I have no doubt that many fans of Gaelic games are appalled by such behaviour."

Ulster Unionist Sam Nicholson said it was a "great sporting achievement by the team and it deserved an evening of celebrations by the team who had just recorded a historic win in Cavan".

"However, blatant glorification of terrorism which was broadcast across social media in the celebrations that followed sends out a very negative message to not only the unionist community, but anyone who has been affected by IRA terrorism throughout the Troubles," he said.

"It is particularly disappointing because the pro-IRA chants which clearly glorify terrorism were being made by players who are so young and clearly have no thoughts or empathy for the victims of terrorism or the offence they would cause."

He added: "I genuinely hope the GAA authorities were listening and realise the need to take decisive action".

A spokesperson for Armagh camogie said: "An issue has arisen following our game on Saturday.

"Armagh county camogie board have met this evening and agreed we will be carrying out a full investigation in regards to this matter.

"We will be making no further comment at this time."

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