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Robin Swann: Preparations 'well under way' for Covid vaccinations

A Covid vaccination programme will be rolled out in Northern Ireland from next month
Michael McHugh, Press Association

PREPARATIONS are well under way to begin the roll-out of a Covid-19 vaccination programme from next month, health minister Robin Swann has said.

The plans include fixed mass centres for receiving the jab and the deployment of mobile units to care homes.

GPs and community pharmacists will also have a key role to play as the programme progresses next year and large numbers of staff have already been recruited.

According to latest figures from the Department of Health, another eight people have died in the north after testing positive for Covid-19.

A total of 442 new Covid cases were also reported yesterday.

In the Republic, there have been three further deaths and 335 new cases.

Figures from England show a further 498 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19.

Mr Swann said: "The planned mass vaccination programme will be a major logistical exercise lasting many months, taking us to the middle of next year at least.

"While I am cautious by nature, I am optimistic that vaccination will increasingly do the heavy lifting for us in 2021 in the battle against coronavirus.

"I am also very heartened by the scale of the preparatory work already undertaken for a vaccination programme in Northern Ireland."

Regulatory approval has not yet been issued, so any planning will be provisional.

Northern Ireland will be guided by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation on which groups will receive the vaccine first.

It is expected that care home residents and health and social care workers will be the first priority groups, and further groups in early 2021 will be based on age and clinical vulnerability.

A public information campaign will encourage take-up and touch on issues concerning safety and the robustness of the regulatory process.

Mr Swann added: "The progress towards a vaccine is highly impressive and extremely welcome. However, I have to reiterate that regulatory hurdles have still to be cleared so we should take nothing for granted.

"It is essential that people do not relax their guard against Covid-19 now, just because hopes are rising on the vaccine front.

"We have to keep doing all the right things to protect ourselves against the virus and that will remain the case for the foreseeable future."

Yesterday's Executive meeting was given an update on the preparations by Patricia Donnelly, head of the vaccine programme.

They will be deployed as they become available.

It is expected that each person will require two doses.

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