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Stephen Nolan to `report some people to the police' amid barrage of online abuse

Radio presenter Stephen Nolan has revealed he is to "report some people to the police" amid a barrage of online abuse against him. Picture by Hugh Russell
Marie Louise McConville

STEPHEN Nolan has said he is to "report some people to the police" amid a barrage of online abuse.

The BBC presenter said on his radio programme, The Nolan Show, that threats made against him had "crossed the line".

The programme has been focussing its attention on the Covid crisis, and on Monday discussed breaches of public health guidelines during celebrations of Dungannon's dramatic victory over Trillick in Sunday's Tyrone senior football championship final.

Following the show, the broadcaster said a number of threats were made against him.

He told listeners: "I do not like using the fact that I have a bit of money and whatever comes with that to hurt anybody or to do anything like it but I think it has crossed the line so much that unfortunately, I do think I am going to report some people to the police.

"There are a number of people who called for me to be beaten to death yesterday in Dungannon.

"There were others who were encouraging people to kick my teeth in, hit me over the back of the head. I just think it's gone too far."

Mr Nolan added that no level of online abuse would make his show stand down.

"Because this programme is asking uncomfortable questions, no matter what type of Twitter intimidation there will be on me and therefore my team, this programme will stand up very tall for our right to ask questions in the public interest," he said.

"Some people are trying to portray this as a nationalist or a unionist issue, it's not. If there are breaches of regulations, if there are questions to be asked about why certain people are doing things, those questions apply and are asked on behalf of every community in Northern Ireland."

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