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Video: Joe Brolly challenges DUP leader Arlene Foster to wear GAA jersey in support of cystic fibrosis charities

Joe Brolly has challenged DUP leader Arlene Foster to wear a GAA jersey in support of two cystic fibrosis charities

PUNDIT Joe Brolly has challenged DUP leader Arlene Foster to wear a GAA jersey in support of two cystic fibrosis charities.

The GAA commentator posted a video on Twitter calling on the Stormont First Minister to don a jersey in memory of a young woman who died aged just 26.

"The floor is yours," he told Mrs Foster.

It is part of a fundraising campaign to remember Síle Callinan, who died in 2017 from cystic fibrosis.

In recent years, her family organised the Síle Callinan Memorial 7-A-Side Ladies Football Tournament to raise funds for cystic fibrosis charities, with along with other fundraisers has gathered around €60,000 to help support people with the illness.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year's fundraiser has had to become a virtual event, entitled 'Change Your Colours For Cystic Fibrosis'.

People are being encouraged to wear the colours of a rival GAA club or county and post a picture on social media as well as nominate others to take part in the challenge.

GAA figures, including Andy Moran, Kieran Donaghy and Lee Chin are supporting the campaign, which this year will raise funds for the Clare Cystic Fibrosis Support Fund and The Julian Benson CF Foundation.

In posting his challenge, Mr Brolly donned a Mayo GAA jersey and nominated the DUP leader to take part.

"I'm delighted to support the Síle Callinan memorial event this year, Change Your Colours For Cystic Fibrosis," he said.

"This jersey means an awful lot to me - it was the last request from Laura Donnellan, a good friend of mine from Westport in Co Mayo that if Mayo won the All Ireland that I would wear this in the Sunday Game studio.

"Sadly Laura will be very disappointed that I have since been sacked by RTÉ.

"But I treasure this jersey and I always think of her when I wear it. She died at only 30 years of age and Síle who this event is named, died aged only 26.

"It's a wonderful event and I'm delighted to support it. I was there last year for a rip-roaring tournament, this year it's virtual and I have to nominate some people to change their colours.

"So I nominate Conor Sketches, who is a very average mimic, Bernie Flynn from Meath - very average footballer, not a bad pundit and of course Arlene Foster, the leader of the DUP in Ulster, who thank God and Ulster for Arlene because in the north we can have 500 spectators at the games while in the Free State, you can't have any."

However, it remained unclear last night whether Mrs Foster would take part.

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