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Warren Crossan murder an 'evil deed'

The funeral of Warren Crossan makes its way to St Johns Church in west Belfast

A PRIEST at the funeral of gangland murder victim Warren Crossan has said the two men who gunned him down in the street "demonstrated the worst of what human beings can do".

Fr Martin Magill was speaking at Requiem Mass for the 28-year-old who was shot dead close to his mother's west Belfast home a week ago.

The son of murdered dissident Tommy Crossan who was shot dead in 2014, mourners were told that Mr Crossan had witnessed his father's murder - "an event which left him traumatised".

The shooting of the father-of-two is believed to be in revenge for the killing of Dublin gang boss Robbie Lawlor who was murdered in Ardoye in north Belfast in April.

He was one of five people arrested and questioned about the killing of one of Ireland's most notorious gangsters. He was released without charge but was widely suspected of having helped organise the murder.

Speaking at the funeral service in St John's Church in west Belfast yesterday, Fr Magill said that on the day of the murder "Warren's family as well as members of this parish community saw an evil deed as well as well as acts of kindness".

"The two gunmen who got up that morning with the intention of executing Warren, their deliberative, callous way of gunning him down in broad daylight in the presence of neighbours in St Katharine's Road including children demonstrated the worst of what human beings can do", he said.

"I add my voice to those of others calling for people with anything that might have seen or know that would bring to justice those responsible for Warren's murder to bring it forward to the police...

"Warren's life was callously ended on Saturday afternoon in this local community known for its generosity, creativity and care. I am confident that you his family will continue to be supported as you take on this cross of suffering that has come your way."

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