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Noah Donohoe: Close friend shares last photograph

Jay Tierney posted the photograph, taken the day before Noah's disappearance

CLOSE friends of Noah Donohoe have paid moving tributes to the schoolboy with one sharing the last photograph of the two of them together.

Jay Tierney posted the picture, taken the day before Noah's disappearance, on Instagram.

"Noah is one of my two closest friends, and it hurts to have to have him gone. It hurts so bad," Jay wrote.

"To have to say goodbye to someone who loved me, and everything, and everyone around him, so much. He's made me laugh so hard it hurt, and he's always been the most interesting and smart person in the room, no matter who else was in it.

"I only have this one good photo with him, and it was when I was with him the day before he disappeared. I know it might not look that serious but it's what I have. That day, and all the days I had with him. I'll treasure forever, and he'll always be one of my best friends. Always. It's good to know that he's not lost anymore."

The teen also offered his deepest condolences to Noah's mother and family.

"His mum is genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever met, along with Noah, and they both never deserved anything like this.

"Back to Noah, he made every day brighter, not just for me, but for everyone. I can't even begin to express how exceedingly smart Noah was, and how bright of a future he had. If he wanted any career, he would could have had it.

"I also can't thank anyone enough for the condolences they have sent. They mean the world to me. Please remember Noah as the kind, happy, funny and bright person he was. Rest In Peace friend, I’ll never forget you."

Another pal, Charlie Rocks, said Noah was one of his best friends.

"It is truly hard to see him go. He never hurt me or anyone ever and he is the last guy who deserved this. He had so much potential in everything he did," he told BBC Radio.

"Thank you so much to anyone who spread the right information. My heart goes out to his mum Fiona and the rest of his family. Rest easy. I love you brother."

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