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Irish GAA brand O'Neills 'delighted with the exposure' inspired by Normal People heartthrob Paul Mescal

The actor is often seen wearing O'Neills shorts. Picture by Paul Mescal/Instagram

O'NEILLS says it is delighted with the exposure and spike in sales inspired by Normal People heartthrob Paul Mescal.

The GAA sportswear brand is reaping the benefits after the star, who plays Connell Waldron, wore O'Neills shorts in the TV drama.

He has also been spotted jogging around his home in London wearing Maynooth shorts, leading audiences to snap up the same clothing.

The Co Kildare-born actor had posted selfies in them as much as a year ago.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Italian fashion house Gucci launched GAA-style shorts, with the same green and red colours as Mayo - but with a price tag of £494.

Leading clothing label Gucci have launched similar GAA-style shorts

In a cheeky response, O'Neills said "only 102 years ahead of ye lads...we’ve been keeping Ireland stylish since 1918".

Cormac Farrell, marketing manager with O'Neills, said the hype surrounding the actor wearing the shorts has "been a little bit mad".

But he said they were "delighted with the exposure and needless to say the spike in sales".

"It's good for us, especially in the times we are in. In the normal scheme of things, these shorts would be selling really well because the GAA would be in full swing, the holiday season would be in full swing...and thankfully we are reaping the benefits," he told Today FM.

"Paul Mescal is seen as a sex symbol and we'd like to think we played a part in that".

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