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NI Water warns of shortages or loss of supply as temperatures soar

Water shortage warning over heavy use
Paul Ainsworth

HOUSEHOLDERS have been urged to limit water usage as the coronavirus lockdown and dry weather has led to "demand outstripping supply".

NI Water issued the warning as temperatures soared over the weekend, saying some areas could face a reduction in pressure or a loss of supply entirely over the coming days.

An appeal has gone out to save water by not using hose pipes or garden sprinklers, with officials also saying that filling swimming pools was a "waste of a precious resource".

Des Nevin, director of NI Water's customer service delivery, said: "We are asking our customers to help us, especially over the next few days where the temperature will continue to be above 20 degrees. We know from the increase in our night usage some customers are leaving sprinklers and hose on overnight, please stop.

"A hose uses more water in one hour than the average family uses in a whole day.

"While it is tempting, don't fill swimming or paddling pools. This is a waste of a precious resource. Filling a 12ft swimming pool in your back yard uses the water for 500 people's daily handwashing."

Other ways householders have been urged to cut back is by turning off taps while brushing teeth, and fully loading washing machines before use."

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