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Nipsa demand pay increase for civil servants

Nipsa met finance minister Conor Murphy to discuss civil service pay

THE largest public sector trade union in Northern Ireland has held a meeting with the finance minister to press him to deliver an above-inflation pay increase for civil servants.

Nipsa met with Sinn Féin's Conor Murphy to express anger on behalf of members who they say have had below-inflation increases for the last nine years.

It was announced on Tuesday that MLAs would receive a £1,000 increase in their pay, with a further £500 increase due in April 2020.

Nipsa general secretary Alison Millar said: "Nipsa has no issue with the fact that MLAs, as workers, are receiving a pay increase, however all workers including civil servants deserve to be treated equally and receive at least an inflationary increase in their pay plus some recognition for the loss of pay over the past nine years.

"Our members are angry that over the last nine years they have received below inflation pay increases or no pay increases during that period."

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