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Funeral hears of shock at murder of Glenn Quinn

The funeral of murder victim Glenn Quinn took place in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim
Connla Young

THE funeral of Glenn Quinn in Carrickfergus has heard of the shock felt in the community at his murder.

The 47-year-old was attacked by a masked gang in his Ashleigh Park home in the Co Antrim town earlier this month.

The murder of Mr Quinn, who had no paramilitary connections, has been linked to members of the south east Antrim UDA.

Hundreds attended a thanksgiving service at Joymount Presbyterian Church in Carrickergus yesterday.

Assistant minister Rev Laszlo Orban told mourners that Mr Quinn's life ended sooner than expected.

“As the Bible says we must get ready to leave this world," he said.

“Glenn went so much sooner than everyone thought.

“This reminds us how fragile life really is. We take it for granted, but every day is a gift from God.”

He spoke of how Mr Quinn met his wife Valerie, known as Leena, and his generosity.

“Looking at some of his family photographs you could see the joy, the love and the gentleness in his eyes on every picture,” he said.

“He met Leena in 2006 and they got married four years later.

“They travelled together to many places and one particular travelling story tells us of Glenn's big heart, when spending a winter holiday in Finland he gave Santa a present that Santa loved very much.

"I'm not sure many of us would give Santa a present, as we'd expect the very opposite.”

A message was read out from Joymount minister Rev Richard Graham, who was unable to be present due to illness.

He said he was "saddened and deeply shocked at the news of Glenn's untimely death" and spoke of how he used to meet him while out walking.

“Along with everyone in church today, I find it difficult to find the words to express the devastation you must have in your hearts," he said.

"Words seem completely inadequate. I know nothing that I can say will take away the loss you have suffered. Nothing can explain away a tragedy like this.

“As (a) church family, we condemn the brutality of Glenn's death and call upon those within the community with any knowledge, or information, to come forward to the PSNI.”

Rev Graham also offered comfort to the dead man's family.

“To Glen's family and friends I'm sure that during these days, you may have felt and feel you're standing in the shadow of death and all its violence, but also remember this, and be assured - we also stand in the light of God, and the empty cross,” he said.

“Jesus' resurrection says profoundly across the millennia that death does not have the last word.”

Three people arrested in relation to Mr Quinn's death were later released on police bail.

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