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People Before Profit accuses Sinn Féin of 'dirty tricks' over election posters

People Before Profit has accused Sinn Féin of putting up fake election posters. Picture by Mal McCann

PEOPLE Before Profit has accused Sinn Féin of "dirty tricks" over election posters bearing the socialist party's name.

Gerry Carroll, who is the party's candidate in West Belfast, claimed Sinn Féin have "put up posters in our name in an effort to confuse people that these are PBP (People Before Profit) posters".

The posters, several of which have been put up under legitimate signs for Mr Carroll in west Belfast, have slogans including 'People Before Profit still support Brexit'.

Mr Carroll, a West Belfast MLA, claimed the pro-Brexit posters were put up in an attempt to confuse voters.

The party is contesting two seats in next week's general election - West Belfast and Foyle.

"The posters say the name People Before Profit, but they do not include the name of the person who published the posters, or the place they were printed in, as per electoral rules," he said.

Election posters around west Belfast. Picture by Mal McCann

He added: "But Sinn Féin's desperate actions have proven one thing: they see People Before Profit as a threat, and that this election has become a two horse race. A vote for anyone else is a wasted vote in this election.

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"If you want to send a message to the political establishment, to those like Sinn Féin who voted in universal credit and PIP, who created the public sector pay freeze that people are striking against today, then the only way to do that is to vote socialist."

Mr Carroll campaigned in favour of Brexit but said he does not support the Conservative Party's plans for how to exit the European Union.

He fought the 2017 general election on an "anti-Tory Brexit" platform.

People Before Profit has accused Sinn Féin of putting up fake election posters. Picture by Mal McCann

At the time, he said the party "remain opposed to the undemocratic nature of the EU and have not changed our position since the referendum but we will not support Theresa May’s vision of a Tory Brexit, nor her dismissal of concerns in devolved regions".

Sinn Féin West Belfast candidate Paul Maskey said: "Gerry Carroll would rather talk about anything other than his party's support for Brexit."

"This is the man who said there were 'reasons to be cheerful' when the people of England and Wales voted for a Tory Brexit which is being imposed on the people of the north against their democratically expressed will," he said.

"PBP's support for Brexit was reaffirmed in a recent interview by a party colleague in Derry.

"Gerry Carroll is delusional if he believes that the electorate in west Belfast don’t see through his transparent attempt to mislead the public on his party’s support for a Brexit driven by the Tory party and UKIP."

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