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Stella Creasy takes Arlene Foster to task on Twitter over 'dehumanisation'

Labour MP Stella Creasy said the DUP had sought to 'dehumanise' her

THE Labour MP whose Westminster amendment led to the liberalisation of Northern Ireland's abortion laws has accused the DUP of "dehumanising" her.

Stella Creasy spoke out on social media after the DUP launched its '12-point plan' in Belfast today.

Under a point entitled "Let's Protect Mothers and Unborn Life Again", the party referenced the Walthamstow MP – but only by her surname.

"The dangerous vacuum of law and guidance created by Creasy needs fixed," the document read.

"This must be matched by promoting a culture of choosing life in Northern Ireland through perinatal services and valuing children through baby boxes and childcare."

But Ms Creasy, who is pregnant and has been the target of abuse by anti-abortion campaigners, tweeted: "'Creasy'? I'm a real person DUP leader but you seem to want to actively encourage people to abuse me by dehumanising me in this way.

"FWIW (for what it's worth) there's no dangerous 'vacuum' of law. Only a political party leader who is trying to scare women in Northern Ireland in a bid for votes."


Alliance leader Naomi Long tweeted her support for Ms Creasy.

"Stay strong, Stella," she said.

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