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2018: The year as drawn by Ian Knox

From Brexit to RHI, and from Ian Paisley to Pope Francis, it has been a year rich in material for Irish News cartoonist Ian Knox. Here is the story of 2018 as told in his inimitable style


As 12-hour waits in A&E nearly triple in a year, the prospect of Brexit sees applications for Irish passports surge



Outpourings of cross-community love on St Valentine's Day are limited at Stormont as talks to restore power-sharing collapse 



While Karen Bradley dithers over demands for MLA pay cuts during Cheltenham week, the shadow of the major political issue looms



On the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, a former US president and former senator join some of the main players in the Northern Ireland peace process for a unique occasion 





Not much trust between councils and bonfire organisers as rows over licensing schemes begin



Arlene Foster's outreach to the LGBT community starts well but finishes less so. Meanwhile Ulster fries




Unlike the House of Commons which is expected to impose a severe punishment on Ian Paisley, his party, according to one spokesman, considers he has been "punished enough"



The multitudinous faithful who greeted the towering figure of Pope John Paul II when he was welcomed to Ireland by Taoiseach Jack Lynch in 1979 is greatly reduced when Pope Francis is received by a very different kind of Taoiseach in 2018 



When questioned at the RHI Inquiry as to why his house was heated by a non-domestic boiler in an adjacent shed, Stephen Brimstone explains that a purpose of the shed was to shelter sheep if necessary



The mask of compatibility explodes with DUP threats to withdraw support to Theresa May. The future of both party leaders is openly discussed 



Jeffrey Donaldson's admonishment to farmers and business people to read Theresa’s Brexit deal before expressing satisfaction seems rich from a party whose leader conspicuously failed to read the RHI legislation



A beleaguered Theresa May challenges Jeremy Corbyn to a TV debate before the parliamentary vote on her EU withdrawal deal


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