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Hooded Men European Court ruling to be appealed

Case co-ordinator Jim McIlmurray (far left) pictured with surviving members of the Hooded Men
Connla Young

The Irish government is planning to appeal a European Court ruling that the treatment of a group of former internees known as the ‘Hooded Men' was not torture.

The 14 Catholic men say they were subjected to state-sanctioned torture when they were interned in 1971.

None of the men were ever convicted of any wrongdoing.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin has confirmed it will now appeal that ruling to the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

In 1978 the ECHR held that the techniques constituted inhuman and degrading treatment - but fell short of torture.

The matter was referred back to the court with the support of the Irish government 2014.

Earlier this year the ECHR said there was "no justification" to revise the 1978 ruling.

Mary McKenna, the daughter of Hooded Man Sean McKenna, who died in 1975, said she was “absolutely delighted and relieved at this decision”.

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