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Loyalist campaign against Mid Ulster council continues

Threatening posters have appeared throughout the council area

HUNDREDS of stickers attacking Mid Ulster council have appeared on council property throughout the borough.

The campaign is being linked to the introduction of a new bonfire licensing scheme which has been criticised by loyalists in the area.

The stickers - saying "Mid Ulster council at the heart of cultural oppression" - have been linked to posters placed at various locations threatening that "continued cultural oppression can only lead to aggression toward the oppressor".

It comes after Mid Ulster District Council voted to introduce a licensing scheme that would force bonfire organisers to take ownership of pyres by signing what amounts to a contract.

The PSNI have said that after seeking legal advice about the posters it can "identify no offences that have been committed".

Controversial loyalist group the British Truth Forum told The Irish News last week that while it was not responsible for the posters it did support the message.

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