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'What is the DUP?' among most asked questions on Google this year

 DUP leader Arlene Foster and British Prime Minister Theresa May following talks in Downing Street in which the DUP agreed a confidence and supply deal with the Conservative Party which gave the Tories a majority government following an upset in June's General Election

'WHAT is the DUP?' was among the most searched for terms on Google in the UK this year, according to the internet giant.

The political landscape, which was shaped by Brexit and a snap General Election in June, dominates the annual trending report from Google which reveals which questions, subjects, people and events were the most looked for on their search engine.

Four of the top 10 'What if...?' questions asked in the UK concerned the General Election which saw the Tories lose their majority and turn to the DUP for support.

'What is a hung parliament?' topped the list, followed by 'What is an exit poll?'.

'What is a general election?' featured in eight position with 'What is the DUP?' at number nine.

'What is waterboarding?' and 'What is Pink's real name?' also crept into the top 10, alongside 'What is the Confederations Cup?', 'What is Bitcoin?', 'What is the Antikythera mechanism?' and 'What is a pangolin?'

The digital currency Bitcoin was of huge interest, also appearing twice in the 'How to...?' list with people asking how to buy it and how to mine it.

Just as in the Republic of Ireland the question of how to make slime topped the list, with searches peaking in the last week of July. Wales was responsible for the highest proportion of searches that week, followed by Northern Ireland.

The much hyped Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas captured people's imaginations, taking the fourth slot in both the most searched for sporting events and 'How to...?' list with fans wondering how they could watch it.

Unlike in the Republic of Ireland where Donald Trump featured heavily the US president did not make any of the top 10 UK search lists.


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