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Video: PSNI issue 'killer clown' warning to the public

The PSNI has issued a warning to people thinking of becoming involved in the 'killer clown' craze, which has swept the UK and Ireland. Picture by Peter Byrne, PA Wire

AS the 'killer clowns' craze continues, the PSNI has warned those thinking of staging a prank, to think again.

The unsettling craze, which began in the US, involves people dressing up in clown costumes and jumping out at passers-by.

Youngsters have been left terrified by the sinister phenomenon, which has swept into the UK and Ireland and led to a spike in clown-related calls to police, including a number of reported incidents of 'killer clowns' being spotted at schools in the north.

Police were called to Coleraine Grammar School last week after a message on social media suggested the school was a target. Pupils were kept indoors while checks were carried out to make sure it was safe.

The PSNI has now released a video warning anyone thinking of joining the craze that they face arrest.

The recording posted on social media emphasises that putting someone in fear amounts to common assault and wandering around with a knife leaves you "liable to be arrested for possession of an offensive weapon".

Is also warns that if you're found to be shouting or causing a disturbance it could be viewed as disorderly behaviour in a public place.

It also gives a stark warning that if someone dies because of your actions, you could "face manslaughter charges and life in prison".

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