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Fields Of Battle, Lands Of Peace exhibit opens at Belfast City Hall

Suzanne McGonagle
20 July, 2016 01:00

AN outdoor photographic exhibition examining how the battlefields of World War One have changed over the past 100 years has opened in Belfast.

The Fields Of Battle, Lands Of Peace exhibition in the grounds of City Hall displays images by Michael St Maur Sheil.

The work of the Irish landscape photographer contrasts the "horror of war with the remedial power of nature".

The photographs feature the sites as they are today, alongside archive pictures capturing the scars of the Western Front during the Great War.

The exhibition images aim to show how the "modern landscapes conceal the terror and suffering that was played out in the trenches", but also reveal how the "places of devastating violence have been transformed into ones of great beauty".

The project, which started in 2005, draws on the contribution of soldiers from Ireland - both north and south.

The powerful exhibition has been viewed by more than four million people worldwide, in cities such as London, Paris and Istanbul and will move onto Dublin later when it finishes in Belfast at the end of August.

It is part of Belfast City Council's wider Decade Of Centenaries: Reflections On 1916 programme of events.

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20 July, 2016 01:00 Northern Ireland news