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The Brexit vote - the basics that you need to know

Those in favour of remaining believe that the UK is more secure within the European Union. Photo by Dan Kitwood
Gareth McKeown

BREXIT is the proposed exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

On Thursday June 23 Northern Ireland and Great Britain will vote either to remain in or leave the EU.

Campaigners in the Leave group believe the UK is being held back by the European Union and is not getting back in return the billions of pounds it gives in membership fees each year.

They want Britain to take back full control of its borders and reduce the number of people coming to work.

The argument has also been made that an exit would free UK businesses from the burden of EU regulations and leave the UK to be able to negotiate its own trade deals with other countries.

Those in favour of remaining believe we are more secure as part of the EU, rather than going it alone.

They believe there are real benefits from membership in terms of trade and highlight the importance of the UK export market in Europe.

There are also concerns an exit could hinder travel across Europe for UK citizens.




In Northern Ireland concerns have been raised in the agriculture community over an end to vital EU grants, while the prospect of the return of border controls between the Northern Ireland and the Republic is another cause of worry.

The polls indicate that the outcome will be decided by fine margins. In recent weeks the polls have shown an increase in support for Brexit, but the bookies still believe that staying within the European Union is the most likely outcome.

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