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Video: Australian acting coach raises Norn Iron ire over her Belfast 'ackseant'

 The voice-acting coach has already caused a stir in Liverpool with her scouse accent
Andrea McKernon

AN AUSTRALIAN voice acting coach has caused a right sleggin' on social media with her attempted Belfast and Irish accents. 

Chameleon, who describes herself as a "dialect coach", has also filmed her expertise on the Dublin accent entitled: "Irish accent, Dublin accent, Accent from Ireland, Bono's accent, Sinead O'Connor's accent."

However she apparently doesn't seem to be as quick to know famous northern Irish people like Liam Neeson, Stephen Rea or Ciaran Hinds as she posts no explanatory links for the Northern Irish accent, recently voted world's sexiet dialect.

"Belfast, Northern Ireland accent" by Chameleon.

In her Belfast accent, she's Bernadette Buchanan, from Belfast. But her pronouncation of "Mey name" (my name), "don" (down), "eightean" (eighteen) and "faaaatherr" (father) would get a few confused faces on the streets of the city.

But to her credit, she does get the Belfast "like" and "Do you know what I mean?" into her lesson on spakin' Belfast.

But Chameleon is not alone in trying to master the accents of Ireland. Tom Cruise in Far and Away, and Julia Roberts' awful attempt at an Irish accent in Michael Collins, are not the stars' best onscreen moments.

Chameleon's Youtube videos opening with querky music, with a woman singing "London, Paris, New York and Moscow" also feature the Liverpudlian 'scouse' accent and an "exaggerated Valley girl".

So how to you rate Chameleon on her Irish accents: wick or class?

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