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Mother of Kevin McGuigan says she'll pray for son's killers

Allison Morris
14 August, 2015 01:00

THE mother of murder victim Kevin McGuigan has said she "will pray" for her son's killers as she vehemently denied he was involved in the murder of an IRA commander in May of this year.

Margaret McGuigan said her son, who was shot dead by two gunmen in the front garden of his Comber Court home that he shared with his wife Dolores and four of his nine children, was a "true gentleman".

The 53-year-old had been warned that his life was under threat following the murder of former IRA leader Gerard 'Jock' Davison in May.

He was widely believed to be the main suspect in the killing of the former IRA leader who was shot in the back of the head as he walked to work at a community centre in the Markets area of south Belfast.

Mr McGuigan had been questioned by police after the murder of Jock Davison.

Speaking yesterday Mrs McGuigan denied her son was involved in the killing saying it was all "speculation and innuendo".

"There's no substance to it and for all the people who said it, well as a family we actually know where Kevin was the day that was done", she said.

"See rumours and innuendo, I don't listen to anything like that. If someone can stand in front of me and show me evidence, but they can't instead it's just all rumour.

"My Kevin was a quiet unassuming person. He never left his family. His wee grandson, who's four, has special needs and was always with him.

"My Kevin was a good person he was a brilliant, son, husband, father and grandfather."

Mrs McGuigan said she would pray for her son's killers. "I don't know who did it and I don't want to know, I feel sorry for them for they have to live with what they've done and I couldn't live with it. All I would say is God forgive them, that's all".

The 74-year-old grand mother said that while her son was aware he was under threat, he had kept the seriousness of the situation from his family.

"There was a couple of death threats, but he wouldn't have told me or the kids because he wouldn't have wanted to worry us", Mrs McGuigan said.

"But there had been threats on his life I do know that," she said.

"People have always said to me, you've the best son you must be proud of him.

"I'm proud of all my children but everyone in this district knows what my son was like.

"He would help everybody and anybody and was well known for it. He drove his children to matches all over the place and if neighbours' children had no one to take them, he'd pile them all into the car and take them as well.

"My Kevin never drank, smoked or gambled in his life, the only way I can describe him is as a gentleman, a real true gentleman".

"But like too many murders in this country, it's not the first - but I pray that it's the last".

14 August, 2015 01:00 Northern Ireland news

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