Local Election 2019

DUP lose three seats and Alliance gain three in Ards and North Down council

Alliance candidate Karen Douglas was the first councillor to be elected on to Ards and North Down council. Ms Douglas polled a total of 1,346 first preference votes
Marie Louise McConville and Maeve Connolly

THERE were gains for Alliance in Ards and North Down at the expense of the DUP and UUP in Ards and North Down. 

The DUP won 14 seats, down from 17 at the last council election in 2014, while the UUP lost one seat.

In contrast the Alliance claimed an extra three seats, taking the party total on the countil to 10.

The Greens, meanwhile, held steady with three candidates returned. The SDLP's Joe Boyle retained his seat in Ards Peninsula. The long-serving councillor polled 1,621 first-preference votes, more than double the next candidate's figure, while Robert Adair of the DUP topped the poll with 2,189 votes.

It was a day of surprises in Ards and North Down after an Alliance councillor was the first to be elected and an independent candidate drew a record number of votes.

With less than half of the eligible electorate turning out to vote (43.6 per cent), it had been expected to be a day that brought relatively little change to the unionist-dominated council.

However, as counting got underway at the Aurora Aquatic Centre in Bangor, it became clear that both the Alliance and Green Party had polled very well.

The first councillor elected on to the council was Alliance candidate Karen Douglas in Bangor Central.

The mother-of-two, who works in health and social care, topped the poll with 1,346 first preference votes.

Ms Douglas said she was "absolutely delighted" to have won the first election she had ever fought, having been co-opted on to the council two-and-a-half years ago.

"Very clearly the residents of Bangor Central demand change," she said.

She was quickly followed by the Green Party’s Stephen Dunlop, who was just six first preference votes off the quota. He then benefited from some of Ms Douglas' hefty transfers.

It was the first time the 60-year-old father-of-three had stood in an election.

Mr Dunlop, who works as a chartered surveyor, said the “arts and regeneration of Bangor centre” would be his “primary focus”.

However, it was news of Jimmy Menagh’s first preference vote performance that led conversation at the café.

Polling a huge 2,138 votes – a record for an independent – the councillor described the result as “unbelievable”.

“I’m so over the moon,” said the 70-year-old former Shorts worker, who was elected to the former Ards council in 2011.

Mr Menagh, who credited his grass roots approach to politics for his success, said his focus would now be on health, anti-social behaviour and job creation for Newtownards.

All eyes were also on Tom Smith, a former DUP representative on the council who last year broke ranks with the party and supported the LGBT community.

Standing as an independent this time around, Mr Smith polled 765 first preference votes in Bangor East and Donaghadee. While not enough to initially meet the quota, as counting continued, he secured his seat.

In Holywood and Clandeboye Alliance's Andrew Muir topped the poll with 1,397 first-preference votes, followed by the Green Party's Rachel Woods with 1,211 and Gillian Greer of Alliance with 1,249. All polled more than the quota. The fourth seat went to Stephen Dunne of the DUP who with 1,139 first-preference votes was only one vote below the quota.


Ards and North Down Borough Council

40 seats

Change since 2014: 

DUP 14 (-3), All 10 (+3), UUP 8 (-1), Green 3 (-), SDLP 1 (-), TUV 1 (-), Ind 3 (+1)

Turnout: 45 per cent


Ards Peninsula (6 seats, Quota 1,120)

Robert Adair (DUP) 2,189

Joe Boyle (SDLP) 1,621

Angus Carson (UUP) 832

Lorna McAlpine (All) 832

Eddie Thompson (DUP) 821

Nigel Edmund (DUP) 735

Michele Strong (Green) 319

Matt Davey (Ukip) 234

Murdoch McKibbin (SF) 196

Tim Mullen (Con) 58


Robert Adair (DUP) 1st count
Joe Boyle (SDLP) 1st count
Nigel Edmund (DUP) 2nd count
Eddie Thompson (DUP) 4th count
Angus Carson (UUP) 6th count
Lorna McAlpine (All) 7th count


Bangor Central (6 seats, Quota 1,052)

Karen Douglas (All) 1,346

Stephen Dunlop (Green) 1,046

Wesley Irvine (DUP) 878

Alastair Cathcart (DUP) 787

Craig Blaney (UUP) 757

Ian Henry (UUP) 542

Ray McKimm (Ind) 503

Noelle Robinson (Ind) 423

Maria Lourenco (Ind) 362

James Cochrane (DUP) 255

John Montgomery (Ukip) 215

Frank Shivers (Con) 210

Gavan Reynolds (Ind) 33


Karen Douglas (All) 1st count
Stephen Dunlop (Green) 2nd count
Alastair Cathcart (DUP) 7th count
Craig Blaney (UUP) 9th count
Wesley Irvine (DUP) 10th count
Ray McKinn (Ind) (without reaching quota)


Bangor East and Donaghadee (6 seats, Quota 1,086)

Mark Brooks (UUP) 1,327

Gavin Walker (All) 1,303

David Chambers (UUP) 963

Peter Martin (DUP) 902

Tom Smith (Ind) 765

Bill Keery (DUP) 764

Hannah McNamara (Green) 735

Janice Macarthur (DUP) 702

Paul Leeman (Con) 137


Mark Brooks (UUP) 1st count
Gavin Walker (All) 1st count
David Chambers (UUP) 3rd count
Peter Martin (DUP) 6th count
Bill Keery (DUP) 7th count
Tom Smith (Ind) 8th count


Bangor West (5 seats, Quota 952)

Connie Egan (All) 1,151

Jennifer Gilmour (DUP) 990

Marion Smith (UUP) 982

Barry McKee (Green) 949

Alan Graham (DUP) 749

Scott Wilson (All) 703

Ben English (Con)114

Kieran Maxwell (SF) 71


Connie Egan (All) 1st count
Jennfier Gilmour (DUP) 1st count
Barry McKee (Green) 1st count
Marion Smith (UUP) 1st count
Scott Wilson (All) 3rd count


Comber (5 seats, Quota 1,088)

Deborah Girvan (All) 1,516

Philip Smith (UUP) 1,082

Robert Gibson (DUP) 985

Trevor Cummings (DUP) 843

Stephen Cooper (TUV) 695

John Montgomery (DUP) 643

Ricky Bamford (Green) 372

Michael Palmer (UUP) 318

John Sloan (Ind) 73


Deborah Girvan (All) 1st count
Phlip Smith (UUP) 2nd count
Robert Gibson (DUP) 5th count
Trevor Cummings (DUP) 5th count
Stephen Cooper (TUV) 6th count


Holywood and Clandeboye (5 seats, Quota 1,140)

Andrew Muir (All) 1,397

Rachel Woods (Green) 1,211

Gillian Greer (All) 1,249

Stephen Dunne (DUP) 1,139

Roberta Dunlop (DUP) 677

Carl McClean (UUP) 507

Tim Lemon (UUP) 416

Andrew Turner (Con) 141


Andrew Muir (All) 1st count
Rachel Woods (GRN) 1st count
Gillian Greer (All) 1st count
Stephen Dunne (DUP) 2nd count
Carl McClean (UUP) 7th count


Newtownards (7 seats, Quota 1,043)

Jimmy Menagh (Ind) 2,138

Naomi Armstrong (DUP) 1,232

Nick Mathison (All) 1,091

Stephen McIlveen (DUP) 898

Richard Smart (UUP) 736

Alan McDowell (All) 574

Colin Kennedy (DUP) 570

Ian Dickson (UUP) 481

Maurice Macartney (Green) 374

Paul Corry (Ukip) 223

Ben King (Ind) 24


Jimmy Menagh (Ind) 1st count
Naomi Armstrong (DUP) 1st count
Nick Mathison (All) 1st count
Stephen McIlveen (DUP) 2nd count
Colin Kennedy (DUP) 6th count
Richard Smart (UUP) 7th count
Alan McDowell (All) (without reaching quota)

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Local Election 2019

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