Triple-stack bins for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council homes will cost £4.2m

A triple stack bin
Michelle Weir

The new triple-stack bins planned for Mid and East Antrim Borough Council households will cost £4.2m to roll out.

The council, which is reviewing its waste collection policy, has applied to the Department of Agriculture , Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) for funding.

At a remote meeting of the council on July 6, councillors were seeking reassurances over the new provision.

Concern was expressed over the capacity of the triple-stack system which is expected to replace blue bins in Larne and kerbside boxes in Carrickfergus and Ballymena.

Householders will also be supplied with a smaller black bin although existing brown bins will still be used.

DUP Larne Lough Councillor Andrew Clarke asked if larger householders will still be able to avail of an additional bin or if “people will have to jump through hoops to get that”.

Currently 604 people have signed an online petition urging a rethink by council on the triple-stack bins.

Mayor Peter Johnston noted that waste management remains one of the highest revenue spends for council.

Councillors were advised by chief executive Anne Donaghy that it costs £9m annually.

“It is something we have to get right,” she stated.

She indicated that she is “very hopeful” that the council will secure the £4.2m  funding needed to implement the new system.

She noted that the trolley-based system for the triple stack bins would enable “ease of movement for council”.

“In order to get funding, we have to show that we are increasing the amount of material we are recycling and reducing what is going to landfill.

“In eight years time, landfill will be completed saturated. We have to make a move now especially while funding is available.”

Existing black bins with a 240-litre capacity will be replaced with those for 180 litres. These and brown bins will continue to be lifted every two weeks.

The triple-stack boxes which hold 165 litres will be emptied weekly. The blue bins will be removed.

Ms Donaghy said council is also seeking funding from DAERA for a new “much-needed” £1.2m household recycling centre at Sullatober in Carrickfergus.

Sinn Féin Coast Road councillor James McKeown asked if a household that has someone with a disability could still receive an extra bin. He was told that would be permitted.

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