Ireexit: The campaign begins for an Irish EU referendum

A campaign for the Republic to leave the EU has begun

When the news of Brexit broke, some predicted it would set in motion a domino effect, with country after country moving to extricate itself from the union.

While seemingly unlikely, a campaign for the Republic to hold a referendum on EU membership sprung up last week. It has gained 764 followers on Facebook in the week since the launch and has a website dedicated to the cause, encouraging people to sign up and take part.


According to its website, the group believes that “a significant proportion of the Irish population remain concerned about evident moves towards an EU Federal State, as well as the lack of political accountability and transparency in Brussels”.


Information on the official launch date and campaign team are yet to be released, but “a major national meeting” is promised in the near future.

The campaign will be run from the West of Ireland and will “seek to connect and involve ordinary people on the ground that share our concerns and seek an end to the inequality, bureaucracy and lack of accountability which the EU represents”.

The campaign is in its very early days; whether it gains any traction is yet to be seen.


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