USPCA 'horrified' after young badger trapped in snare

A young badger was freed after being caught in a snare in Co Tyrone. The animal was given pain relief and treatment by the USPCA before being released into the wild. Picture: USPCA
Staff reporter

ANIMAL charity the USPCA has said it is "horrified" after a badger was trapped in a snare in Co Tyrone.

The "petrified" young badger was freed after a member of the public found it trapped and reported it to the charity, who also treated it for dehydration and tended to its wounds.

It is believed the animal was caught in the 'free running snare', which is used to trap foxes and rabbits, for a "lengthy period".

Those who set such traps for wildlife management are legally required to check them at least once a day.

After receiving pain relief and treatment, the badger was later released back into its habitat.

The USPCA's Colleen Tinnelly said the PSNI have been informed as badgers are protected under wildlife legislation.

"This is a very distressing case. Snares are indiscriminative in nature and over the years we have seen cases of family pets being caught in them. They can cause a great deal of pain and injury to an animal," she said, adding: "Thankfully following the removal of the snare and the provision of pain relief, it showed great signs of improvement."