Security alert in Strabane declared as 'nothing untoward'

Police in Strabane closed off part of Innisfree Gardens in the town on Monday evening as homes were evacuated following a security alert.
Staff Reporter

A security alert in the Innisfree Gardens area of Strabane has been declared as "nothing untoward." 

Police and Ammunition Technical Officers attended the scene following the discovery of a suspicious object at around 8.20pm on Monday.

A Police spokesperson said: “The object has been declared as nothing untoward. A number of other items have been taken away for further examination. 

“A number of properties were evacuated during the public safety operation, and residents affected have since been able to return to their homes. I want to thank the local community, in particular those who were directly affected, for their cooperation and assistance.

“Cordons have now been lifted, and the Innisfree Gardens area is accessible by road again."

It is understood the alert followed an earlier police search of a property in the area.

Residents who left their homes were advised to attend a community centre in the nearby Fountain Street area.

The alert follows a major security operation in the town after a bomb attack on a PSNI vehicle last Thursday night in the Mount Carmel Heights area.

Strabane SDLP councillor Jason Barr told the Irish News: "This is a huge inconvenience for residents who have been told to leave their homes.

"Whoever is behind this needs to learn that the community here doesn't want this, and doesn't need it, and those responsible need to wise up."