Click Energy is latest to hike power tariff

Click Energy has increased it electricity tariff for around 26,000 customers in the north
Gary McDonald Business Editor

CLICK Energy, the smallest of the five electricity suppliers in Northern Ireland, is increasing electricity prices by 28.2 per cent from October 1.

The move, which will impact almost 26,000 customers, will see the typical annual bill for a Click customer rise by an extra £269 a year to around £1,265.

It follows a rise of 11 per cent which Click imposed in July, adding £99 a year to tariffs.

And in comes in the wake of several inflation-busting increases imposed in recent weeks by other suppliers, including a record 56.3 per recent rise by firmus, adding more than £15 a week on bills for around 62,000 domestic and small business gas customers in the north.

Raymond Gormley, head of energy policy at the NI Consumer Council, said: “The increase by Click Energy is due to the continuing rise of wholesale energy costs, but will still come as a big disappointment to customers as it's its second increase since July, and comes at a time when many are experiencing extreme pressures on their household budgets with significant rises in home heating oil, natural gas, coal, grocery, and transport fuel costs.

“With every price announcement it becomes more apparent that Northern Ireland consumers need more support, because while the £400 payment announced by the Chancellor will be a help when it arrives, it will not be enough to help them through this coming winter ahead.”