Friends star Matt LeBlanc goes viral as Ireland's favourite 'uncle'

Matt LeBlanc, who has been trending on Twitter
Mairead Holland

FRIENDS sitcom star Matt LeBlanc may not be aware of it, but he has gone viral in Ireland!

The 53-year-old actor, who played the dim but loveable Joey Tribbiani on the hit TV show, recently reunited with his co-stars on the Friends reunion special.

His appearance, as he sat smiling and cross-armed on the sofa, sparked a flurry of memes on Twitter, comparing him to a typical Irish dad or uncle.

"Matt LeBlanc is your uncle at a wedding buying you too many beers and getting your name mixed up with your siblings while rolling his eyes lovingly at your aunt drunkenly flailing to Dancing Queen," went one tweet.

Nicola Coughlan, who plays Clare in Derry Girls, tweeted: 'Matt LeBlanc is Irish, I don't want to see any other nation trying to claim him, he's from Tullamore, he drinks milk with his dinner.'

In another tweet, someone posted up a picture of their dad in a similar striped shirt and pose, and asked 'Who wore it best, #mattleblanc or my Dad??!!'

Others had him commenting, 'Shur look, c'mere. The lad was moved up from minors to the senior panel. A calf doesn't become a bull overnight. Ya get me?' and 'You're joking! Sure I was only talking to him on Wednesday'.

And in true Bernie Sanders style - the US politician who went viral when he attended Joe Biden's inauguration as president wearing a pair of knitted mittens - the Friends star has also been popping up in all sort of unlikely pictures, from pubs to GAA commentary boxes.

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