Nuisance neighbours: Up to 63 complaints made every day in north

The most common nuisance complaint - more than half the total - is for noise

COUNCILS in Northern Ireland are receiving up to 63 complaints about nuisance neighbours every day, according to a new report.

Figures compiled by Churchill Home Insurance show almost 22,919 statutory nuisance complaints were lodged in the 12 months before July 31 2017. 

The most common complaint - more than half the total - is for noise, with 663 noise abatement notices issued.

Other common complaints included issues with plants (22 per cent), light (nine per cent), animals (four per cent) and air pollution (four per cent).

While the average UK value of fines issued for broken noise abatement notices stands at £528, it is just £114 in Northern Ireland

Statutory nuisances, which include noise disruption and rubbish accumulation, affecting a person's health or causing disturbance to them in their property, must be investigated by a council if a complaint is made.

The number of nuisance notices in Northern Ireland decreased by 35 per cent, standing at 35,362 the year before.

Despite the high numbers of statutory nuisance complaints received by received by councils about regarding noise, just 663 saw noise abatement notices issued in 2016/17 - an increase of two per cent on the previous year.

Noise abatement notices usually require the person who is responsible to stop the activity, or limit it to certain times, during the day for example, to avoid causing a nuisance.

Failure to comply risks prosecution and fines, or in some cases council workers carrying seizing or confiscating equipment or applying for a High Court injunction.

There were 12 noise abatement notices broken in the north last year, with six of these in Belfast City Council.

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