Dozens of Palestinian flags flown at Healy Park despite Ulster council saying they are banned

Fans at the Fermanagh v Monaghan clash at Healy Park yesterday.

GAA fans defied an Ulster Council ruling by flying Palestinian flags at Healy Park in Omagh yesterday.

Last month officials ordered the removal of two Palestinian flags from spectators at a Tyrone v Monaghan senior championship match at the ground.

Campaigner John Hurson, who works with the ‘Tyrone to Gaza' group, and also manages the official Tyrone Twitter feed during games, said he challenged officials who ordered the flags to be removed.

"Overall I thought it was very petty, especially six days after 3,000 people were injured and 62 killed and considering there were considerable shows of solidarity throughout Ireland and across the world", he said

"What happens next week if there's 20 flags at a game?", he added.

Mr Hurson's words appeared prophetic yesterday when a group of fans responded by flying dozens of Palestinian flags during yesterday's Fermanagh v Monaghan clash at Healy Park.

One fan joked online that he appeared to be in the "West Bank stand" at Healy Park.

It is not the first time there has been controversy at a GAA match over shows of support for Palestine.

Back in 2014 a banner which included the words "We stand with Gaza" was removed after authorities stepped in during a game at Croke Park between Armagh and Meath.

A spokesperson for the Ulster Council said: "There is no flag allowed other than the official (GAA) flag, national flag and team colours.

"The display and possession of flag poles is contrary to ground regulations".

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