James McClean celebrated goal by flashing Free Derry Corner tattoo

Republic of Ireland star James McClean flashes one of his many tattoos
Seamus McKinney

REPUBLIC of Ireland football star James McClean celebrated his latest Premiership goal with West Bromwich Albion by flashing a tattoo of his home city’s iconic Free Derry Corner.

The Derry footballer (28) pulled up the leg of his shorts on Tuesday night to show the tattooed image on his thigh.

Tuesday night however proved an evening of mixed fortunes the Derry-born player.

While he scored for his club, it was not enough to secure victory againstWest Ham who scored a late winner.

McClean later returned to his Midlands home to find it had been burgled and ransacked.

While the star’s decision to flash his tattoo provoked some reaction on social media, most of the responses were positive.

One supporter on Facebook posted:“What a great tattoo” while another posted “A true Irishman.”

McClean had the image tattooed on his leg in 2014 along with the words of Phil Coulter’s anthem, “In my memories, I will always see, the town that I have loved so well.”

Quoting the words of writer, Enid Algerine Bagnold, below the Free Derry Corner image, he added: “A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns her back again.”

He also has the McClean family crest tattooed above his left knee.

After the birth of his daughter, Allie Mae, the Derry man added a tattooed message about fatherhood.

In 2016 Republic manager, Martin O’Neill teased the star about his tattoos on a trip to Derry.

He said: “I notice he has three or four tattoos as well so he’s doing very well. There not a part of his body that’s not covered; ‘I love Lucy’ I think is the latest one.”

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