Speeding motorists sent back to school to face `kids court'

St Aloysius governor Martin McDonald, Jacky McDowell, PSNI road safety education officer, P7 teacher Deirdre Brennan and pupils

DRIVERS caught breaking the speed limit outside school avoided a fine yesterday by instead explaining their actions to children.

Anyone exceeding 30mph outside St Aloysius PS in Lisburn yesterday was given the option of attending `kids court'.

There, they had to tell pupils why they were speeding - the alternative was receiving penalty points and a fine.

PSNI constable Jacky McDowell said police had been working alongside staff to educate pupils in road safety.

"Pupils have participated in projects which highlight the dangers of excessive speed for road and traffic conditions, making them aware of their own vulnerability and responsibility, when near a road," he said.

"This has resulted in their participation in educating drivers who have exceeded the speed restriction outside their school, as to the potential of what could have happened, this has personalised the message to those drivers that have agreed to meet with the pupils.

"This isn't about trying to catch people out, it's about making our roads safer for all - children, adults, pedestrians, cyclists or motorists."

School governor Martin McDonald said St Aloysius' PS was located on a busy road, making pupils and parents vulnerable.

"The kids court initiative allows us to be proactive and highlight to drivers the vulnerability of our children aged 3-11 years. If we manage to change the mind set of even a few drivers, the intuitive will have been effective and our pupils much safer," he said.

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