IRSP wants a united Ireland that is not a part of the EU

Ciaran Cunningham launches the IRSP policy document calling for a border poll. Picture by Mal McCann.
Connla Young

The Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) wants a United Ireland to leave the EU.

A launch of its new policy at Conway Mill in west Belfast yesterday, also heard the IRSP would support a 'border poll' on unity.

The ‘Britain out of Ireland - Ireland out of the EU’ policy document says that while a border poll may not be immediately successful it "may with time set off popular momentum forIrish unity which cannot be reversed".

The party said that it intends to “campaign proactively and from a revolutionary socialist platform for a progressive result, namely an end to partition in Ireland”.

In addition to supporting a united Ireland, the policy document also supports the removal of an independent Ireland from the European Union.

IRSP member Ciaran Cunningham, who helped produce the document, said the initiative offers an alternative.

“We make no apologies for promoting this principled position paper to others as an effective and viable alternative to armed actions in modern times, and in a genuine spirit of comradeship and progress, we ask all who need to listen to carefully examine the principles and proposals which we have put in front of the country today,” he said.

“There is an alternative to armed struggle, this is it.”

Independent Derry and Strabane councillor Paul Gallagher spoke at the policy launch.

“For generations in Ireland the conflict has dictated that the only operation was armed action,” he said.

“We firmly believe that the context has changed and this is the way forward as a viable option that will meet other objective of a 32-county socialist republic.”

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