Inquest witness calls not a witch-hunt says campaigner

Calls for former soldiers to give evidence in historic inquests does not amount to a witch-hunt says victims' campaigner.

Letters sent to former members of the British army in relation to giving evidence in historic inquests do not amount to a witch-hunt, a victims' campaigner has said.

Justice for Veterans UK, a group representing former members of the military serving in Northern Ireland, said that retired soldiers were being asked by the MoD to provide statements ahead of historic inquests into Troubles related state killings.

Spokesman for the group, Anto Wickham told the News Letter that the current trawl of retired officers was creating a situation that was "not a level playing field".

"This new witch-hunt is disgraceful and unwelcome," he said.

A number of Conservative MPs have already expressed concerned about the prosecution of former soldiers in relation to historic killings, calling for a 'statute of limitations' to be introduced that would end probes into security force killings that happened before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

However, Mark Thompson of Relatives for Justice said there must be "law and order and accountability under the law"

"There is no witch-hunt only victims seeking truth and justice decades after violations", he said.

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