Mindfulness can ease exam result stress

Pupils are awaiting the publication of A-level and GCSE results

MEDITATION, walking and even eating chocolate can ease the exam results anxiety felt by teens and parents, a mindfulness expert has said.

Research by the National Citizen Service (NCS) found 58 per cent of teens said their biggest worry of the year was not achieving desired exam results.

More than a third of parents (36 per cent) said they worried most about their teenage children suffering exam stress. This was more prevalent than concerns about drinking, smoking or being bullied.

In response, the NCS, which offers a summer adventure and activity programme for 16 and 17-year-olds, has teamed up with mindfulness expert Dr Danny Penman to give practical help to alleviate stress ahead of results being published.

Dr Penman said if young people were being mindful, they would be fully aware of the present moment, without being trapped in the past or worrying about the future.

He said walking could do wonders for easing anxiety. Many people, he said, found going for a walk helped with nerves when waiting for important news.

Eating mindfully could help reduce exam stress too.

"If you like chocolate, why not turn it into a mini-meditation?" he said.

"Close your eyes, break off a piece of chocolate and spend a few moments inhaling its aroma. Put the chocolate in your mouth and allow it to melt - don't gulp it down.

"Chocolate has more than 300 flavours, so as it melts, see if you can taste some of them. When you're ready, swallow the chocolate. If you want, break off another piece and allow it to melt in your mouth."

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