Complaint lodged over painting of Virgin Mary statue in fake shop front in Dungiven

A complaint has been lodged about a painting covering the derelict former Poston's store in Dungiven.
Seamus McKinney

A COMPLAINT has been made about a painting of a statue of the Virgin Mary outside a fake shop in Dungiven.

The statue is depicted as an ornament in a fake window painted to cover up a derelict building in the town's Main Street.

A number of fake shop fronts were installed in the street in an attempt to improve the overall image of the Co Derry town.

The paintings were commissioned by Dungiven Regeneration Club.

However, following an Orange Order parade through the town, the regeneration group has revealed it received a complaint about the image.

It is understood the complaint was made on the basis that the former owner of grocer’s store, Poston’s,was not a Catholic and was a unionist.

Dungiven Sinn Féin councillor, Sean McGlinchey however said residents could not believe that someone had made a complaint.

“This painting has been there for years and no-one batted an eyelid until now. There are very good community relations in Dungiven,” Mr McGlinchey said.

The Dungiven councillor said the complaint had undermined the work of the regeneration group and he believed it was designed to stir up tensions.

The regeneration group meanwhile has declined to comment any further about the complaint until a meeting is held to discuss the matter.

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