Constituency Profile: Gregory Campbell easily retains seat in East Derry

Seamus McKinney

DUP veteran Gregory Campbell said his success in East Derry was down to hard work and a failure by the media “again” to bring his party down.

It had been a very good day at the office for the long-serving MP who recorded a substantial rise in his vote to easily take the seat.

His 47.9 per cent share of the total was up 5.7 per cent on his 2015 outing.

With a majority of almost 8,000 to defend, there was never really any doubt that Mr Campbell would hold the seat, particularly with four of his opponents being Westminster election newcomers.

However, he said he was pleased that his hard work and determination to speak out for people had paid dividends.

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He also claimed the media had tried to bring down the DUP but had failed “spectacularly”.

“The last time, two years ago, we had the highest vote we ever got in this constituency in percentage terms and we’ve increased it massively again,” he said.

Mr Campbell said it was clear that the voters of East Derry wanted politics to move on and he urged all parties in Northern Ireland to come together to form a new government.

He also noted that the DUP had everything to play for in the formation of the next Westminster government.

Within nationalism, both Sinn Féin and the SDLP could take some satisfaction from the performances of their respective candidates, Dermot Nicholl and Stephanie Quigley.

While never likely to take the seat, both parties recorded an increase in their votes and in their percentage share.

Sinn Féin's share of 26.4 per cent was up 6.6 per cent on 2015 while the SDLP's rose by 2.1 per cent to 10.2.

Coleraine councillor Mrs Quigley said the vote appeared to be a return to “tribal” politics.


Gregory Campbell (DUP) 19,723 (48.07%) +5.83%

Dermot Nicholl (SF) 10,881 (26.52%) +6.76%

Stephanie Quigley (SDLP) 4,423 (10.78%) -1.51%

Richard Holmes (UUP) 3,135 (7.64%) -7.72%

Chris McCaw (All) 2,538 (6.19%) -1.43%

Liz St Clair-Legge (Con) 330 (0.80%) -0.41%

Electorate 67,038

Turnout 41,030 (61.20%) +9.33%



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