Copies of Troubles reference book 'Lost Lives' selling for more than £400

Copies of Lost Lives are being sold for more than £400

REGARDED as the main "authority on the killings during the Troubles", the book 'Lost Lives' is in such demand that copies are selling for upwards of £400.

The reference book, which examines every death directly caused by the Troubles between 1968 and 1998, has had four editions published but is currently out of print.

The chronology however remains so sought after that second hand copies are selling from online book sellers for at least £150 for 'used' editions.

Authors David McKittrick, Seamus Kelters, Brian Feeney and Chris Thornton interviewed many witnesses and drew on previously published material to list the deaths of the 3,600 men, women and children killed as a result of the Troubles.

Online book seller Amazon is selling a new copy of Lost Lives for £402, while used copies vary in price from £150 up to £256. Prices with Waterstones online also range from £100 to £411 for second hand copies.

One of the authors Brian Feeney, last night said the book was still "very much in demand".

"It's extraordinary that they are selling for such figures, but it is a sought-after book," he said.

"It has become an authority on the killings during the Troubles. When you see some copies available, some are heavily thumbed, the pages have become creased, but it is still very much in demand.

"The fact is that everyone in the Assembly would have a copy. It is often quoted from as an authority and the National Library of Ireland are still looking for another copy.

"The names of those killed during the Troubles and listed in Lost Lives are also read out every year at the Unitarian Church in Dublin."

Mr Feeney also revealed the authors are currently in talks about releasing a fifth edition of the book.

Brian Feeney said the reference book, Lost Lives was was still 'very much in demand'

"We are awaiting a response from a publisher to enable us to release another version of the book in 2019, which would be extraordinary," he said.

"We have been updating and adding to it to include the outcomes of such recent inquiries including the Smithwick Tribunal, the Saville Inquiry and De Silva.

"We have done a lot of work in the hope it will be re-published again in 2019, which will be our fifth edition."

In addition to the four authors pictured the book's fifth author is David McVea.

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