VIDEO: Andy Warhol artwork pops up for sale in Belfast

A BELFAST city centre apartment or an original screen print by an iconic US artist - what would you spend £85,000 on?

Artworks by Andy Warhol are currently available at a south Belfast gallery for the price of a third floor studio flat at the Obel Tower overlooking the River Lagan.

The screen prints of some of Warhol's best known works are on sale at Gormley's Fine Art on the Lisburn Road.

But with two of the six pieces on offer priced from £70,000 to £85,000, it may leave your bank balance looking signficantly lighter.

Among the pieces for sale are 'Marilyn' and 'Birth of Venus'.

Both are original screen prints, which Warhol worked on himself, and have been signed by the artist prior to his death in 1987.

Screen printing involves placing a stencil on top of a sheet and then pushing ink through to create an image.

Warhol was a successful magazine and ad illustrator before becoming a leading figure in the 1960s pop art movements, with works focusing on mass-produced commercial goods.

In 1962 he exhibited the now-iconic paintings of Campbell's soup cans, which pushed pop art into the spotlight for the first time.

His works have sold for more than £60 million worldwide.

Gerard Gormley from Gormley's Fine Art last night said the pieces had already provoked much interest from potential buyers.

"We acquired them in the last two weeks and there has been interest so far - we have a few local clients as well as a few international clients who will hope to view them," he said.

"We have six by Andy Warhol in total in the gallery with two of them on display.

"The Marilyn Monroe print is an original screen print and is worth in the region of £85,000 - that particular piece would be one of his most sought after works.

"It's from his Marilyn Monroe series, one of a series of 10 screen prints he created in 1967 and it's signed and dated by him.

"We also have Birth of Venus, which is worth in the region of £70,000 and is Warhol's interpretation of the Roman goddess of love.

"These are original screen prints, which have been worked on by Andy himself. They are also signed by him which adds to their value.

"From time to time, you might see Warhol's work pop up at auction, but to see them in a gallery environment - it is quite rare."

Gerard Gormley with the screen print of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol. Picture by Mal McCann

Iconic artist Andy Warhol's work is for sale in Belfast

Two pictures Marilyn Monroe and Birth of Venus by Andy Warhol at Gormley's Gallery on the Lisburn Road. Picture by Mal McCann

Gerard Gormley with the screen print of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol for sale in the Lisburn Road Gallery. Picture by Mal McCann


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