Teen who died at Leeds festival after taking drugs named

Festival goers were warned about the dangers of taking illegal drugs following the death. Picture by Danny Lawson, Press Association
Amy Murphy, Press Association

POLICE have named a 17-year-old who died after taking drugs at Leeds Festival.

Lewis Haunch, from Leigh, Greater Manchester, was taken to hospital at 4.45pm on Saturday but was pronounced dead shortly after midnight, West Yorkshire Police said.

Two 17-year-old males are in custody after being arrested in the Greater Manchester area on suspicion of drugs offences.

 A police spokesman said: "Police confirm the name of the 17-year-old who died after taking drugs at Leeds Festival.

"Lewis Haunch, 17, of Leigh, in Greater Manchester, sadly died shortly after midnight after he was taken to St James' Hospital in Leeds.

"Inquiries are still ongoing into his death and how he obtained the substance he took.

"His family are asking for privacy at this time."

Chief Superintendent Keith Gilert, Leeds Festival's police commander, said officers will continue to support Lewis's family.

He also issued a warning to festival-goers about the dangers of illegal drugs and said they would continue to take action against those supplying drugs to others.

Mr Gilert said: "At this time the indications are that the man consumed drugs immediately before before he collapsed.

"I would, though, like to take this opportunity to remind anyone attending the festival that there is no safe way to take drugs.

"Taking any illegal drug carries a risk to health and we would always advise people against it, but I would ask that people are particularly conscious of the risks following this young man's death."

He added: "Anyone who has any concerns for either themselves or others at the festival should contact festival site or security staff or seek medical assistance."

One festival-goer said she believed she saw Lewis as he was being treated by medics.

Hayley Briggs said: "It was right outside the guest area and the guy just looked in a very bad way. He was ashen, head-to-toe grey, totally not with it at all.

"He was being cradled by one of the first aiders before the ambulance arrived. He looked as if he was going in and out of consciousness. Poor kid, it's really sad.

"There were a load of people around him just waiting for the ambulance to arrive and when it did the first aiders went straight out and they just got cracking."

Ms Briggs said she heard a number of people discussing drugs while she was at the festival and said one of her friends had been offered a number of different substances.

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