First Minister Arlene Foster urged to break silence on Jamie Bryson backchanneling

First Minister Arlene Foster has been urged to make a statement on the recent coaching controversy. Picture by Hugh Russell

FIRST Minister Arlene Foster is coming under increased pressure to break her silence on the Jamie Bryson coaching controversy.

Despite the widespread belief that Sinn Féin plotted with the loyalist blogger to discredit her predecessor Peter Robinson, the DUP leader has yet to comment on the revelations.

Mrs Foster is on holiday, according to the DUP, and will not be back at work until the beginning of next week.

The Stormont Finance Committee has been recalled for a special meeting on Tuesday to discuss the controversial messages revealed by The Irish News last week.

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Finance Committee deputy chairman Claire Hanna said the DUP leader's silence about Mr McKay's contact with the loyalist flag protester did nothing to instil confidence in the Stormont government.

"Given that the ultimate aim of the subversive alliance between McKay and Bryson was to deal critical damage to her predecessor, the first minister’s silence on the scandal is all the worse," she said.

"This is a moment which demands leadership from all parties, not stunted silence – it’s little wonder that public confidence continues to plummet."

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