Gregory Campbell's joke over Gibraltar killings ‘disgraceful'

Gregory Campbell was previously criticised for poking fun at the Irish language by saying 'Curry my yogurt' in the assembly chamber

SINN Fein has called on the DUP leadership to "rein in" Gregory Campbell following a "disgraceful" joke about the killing of three IRA members in Gibraltar.

Ahead of a Champions League match involving Celtic FC on Tuesday, Mr Campbell wrote on Facebook: "Someone told me that Celtic are due to play on the 12th, in Gibraltar.

"That info was ok but wasn't sure what he meant when he hoped that it wouldn't be like the last time Irish Republican sympathisers went to Gibraltar and lost."

Mairead Farrell (31), Sean Savage (23) and Daniel McCann (30) were controversially shot dead by the SAS in 1988.

West Belfast MLA Pat Sheehan said on Sunday night that Mr Campbell would be "the first out of the blocks if there was a joke made which went against his side of the community".

"It's time the leadership of the DUP stepped up and reined him in.

"He has a track record for making these sorts of comments and this one should be taken down immediately."

Mr Campbell also sparked anger in May when he described Sinn Féin's Raymond McCartney as a "failed hunger striker", and was barred from addressing the assembly for a day in 2014 for refusing to apologise for poking fun at the Irish language by saying "Curry my yogurt".

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