No fines issued in new 20mph zones in Belfast city centre

Police say no fixed penalty notices have been issued for speeding offences in new 20mph areas in Belfast city centre. Picture by Mal McCann

A CONTROVERSIAL new 20 miles per hour speed limit in Belfast city centre has yet to result in a single fine.

The scheme has been in operation for two months, but not one driver has been issued with a fixed penalty notice.

The PSNI is responsible for enforcing the new restriction, with those caught breaking it likely to face a fine.

However, police said no fixed penalty notices had been issued for speeding offences in the new 20mph areas.

A total of 76 roads in and around the city are affected by the lower speed limit, including the back of City Hall, Dunbar link and the Cathedral Quarter.

It was introduced by the Department of Regional Development in an effort to reduce car accidents and improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

The PSNI confirmed there have been "no fixed penalty notices issued for speeding offences in the new 20mph areas of Belfast city centre".

Chief Inspector Diane Pennington from Road Policing said: "Police will continue to monitor traffic and enforce where appropriate following the introduction of the new 20mph speed limits in Belfast City Centre.

"All right thinking and law-abiding motorists will recognise that speed restrictions are not there to inconvenience them but to make our roads safer for everyone.

"The responsibility for making the roads a safer place is one that we all share and one that we can all do something about – by slowing down, staying within the speed limits and driving at a speed appropriate for the conditions."

Critics had suggested the scheme would lead to increased fines.

Last year there was an outcry over the £500,000 raised in fines in just four months following the erection of new bus lane cameras in Belfast.

A total of 18,000 penalty notices were issued between late June and September, prompting accusations the scheme was a revenue-raising exercise.

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