Devon Murray: Harry Potter actor must pay former agent more than €260,000

Irish actor Devon Murray must pay his former agent more than €260,000 in unpaid commission. Picture from RTÉ
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IRISH Harry Potter actor Devon Murray and his parents must pay his former agent more than €260,000 in unpaid commission, a court ruled.

Mr Murray played the part of Irish schoolboy wizard Seamus Finnigan in the hugely successful eight-part film series.

His former agent Neil Brooks claimed he was owed €286,000 in fees.

Dublin's High Court on Friday found the agreement was valid but ordered a nine per cent reduction in the amount being sought.

The Murray family said they had sacked Mr Brooks due to several problems, including his alleged failure to "shield" Devon Murray when he was pictured smoking on set in 2004.

They said they continued to pay Mr Brooks until the end of their agreement but should not have to pay him any more.

The actor told the court he had not worked since the Harry Potter movies and earns around €1,000 a month in residual payments from the films.

His mother told the court her son had once had a good income from the films but had "gone out drinking, taken out girls and bought cars, because that is what teenage boys do".

Mr Brooks had denied their claims that he had been unavailable to them when needed. He said he was entitled to 20 per cent of the actor's earnings from the films, including residual payments.

Mr Justice Michael Moriarty also awarded costs against the Murray family.

He said: "I'm very sorry for the Murray family. It seems it was a marvellous career for Devon in the making and I'm sorry things didn't work out in what I had viewed as a fruitful and proper relationship with Mr Brooks."

Speaking outside the court, Mr Murray said: "We're all gutted now. There's not a whole lot we can do. We have to get by whatever way we can now."

Asked about ‘squandering’ his cash, the young actor said: "There was an awful lot of things I put money into. I bought a lot of horses at the time… I bought property and the a**e fell out of that. It wasn’t all just women, cars and drink. It wasn’t all that."

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