EU referendum: Polls show 75 per cent in NI want to stay

Northern Ireland voters are most likely to say they want to remain in the EU, according to Natcen Social Research. Graphic by Channel 4 News
Brendan Hughes

NORTHERN Ireland is more in favour of remaining in the European Union than anywhere in Britain, a poll has found.

A resounding 75 per cent of people in the north support staying in the EU, according to poll studies by NatCen Social Research.

In England 52 per cent of voters said they wanted to remain, the most Eurosceptic response to the polling.

Support for staying in the EU was 64 per cent in Scotland and 55 per cent in Wales.

Overall the latest 'poll of polls' suggests 52 per cent across Britain and Northern Ireland favour remaining in the EU, with 48 per cent wanting to leave.

Undecided voters were left out of this analysis of polling results from the six most recent surveys, but typically 15 to 20 per cent are undecided in most surveys.

Younger people appear more likely to vote to stay in the EU. In every survey, a majority of those aged 18-34 were pro-EU while over-55s were most likely to vote to leave.

People with a university degree are also more likely to favour staying in the EU, according to British Social Attitudes and British Election Study surveys, while those with no educational attitudes tend to back 'Brexit'.

The polls therefore suggest the voter most likely to favour remaining in the EU is young, university-educated and from Northern Ireland, while an older, unqualified English person is the usual 'leave' voter.

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