Tayto launch special St Patrick's Day packet - in Republic only

Tayto in the Republic has produced a special St Patrick's Day packet 
John Monaghan

TAYTO is to mark St Patrick's Day by launching a special packet, although it will be only be available in the Republic.

The new crisp bag, which will be on sale for a limited time in the run-up to the patron saint's feast day, comes in traditional cheese and onion flavour and features Mr Tayto dressed in green, set against the backdrop of the tricolour.

It also offers participation in a competition for family and friends to win flights back to Ireland from anywhere in the world for St Patrick's Day.

The Tayto brand in the Republic - owned by a German firm - is a separate company from its northern counterpart, based in Tandragee, Co Armagh.

The Tayto brand is sold widely across Ireland with yellow packets prevalent in the north and blue and red coloured bags in the south.

However, while there are no immediate plans to sell the St Patrick's Day packet in the north, it has not been definitively ruled out.

When asked about plans in the north a Tayto NI spokeswoman said that "further plans to celebrate Tayto's 60th anniversary will be announced in due course."

US actress Eva Longoria received 120 packs of Tayto delivered to her hotel as a present during a trip to Dublin last year.

In 2014 Sinn Féin MLA Barry McElduff launched a Twitter poll to find out whether northern or southern Tayto proved most popular amongst crisp lovers, and called for the unification of Tayto packaging.

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